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It is our goal to make Live Bee Removal affordable for residential and commercial customers, and to ensure that our customer service is outstanding. Our rates are based on the location and type of work required to complete the job correctly. We do not and will not Up-Charge for Live Bee Removal because that is all we do.

How To Store Honey

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Did you know? “Honey should be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.  It will keep almost indefinitely if it is tightly closed.  If moisture is allowed to get in to honey it may ferment eventually.”  (Fleetwood p.75, 2009)[caption id="attachment_2435" align="alignnone" width...

How To Measure Honey

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Did you know? "IF you are measuring honey by the tablespoon, heat the spoon first and the honey will slide off easily.  If measuring in a cup, grease the cup first.  For larger amounts, weigh the mixing bowl and note its weight, then pour in honey until it is the required weight."  (Fleetwood p....

Honey Today

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Did you know? “The oldest sweetener known to man, honey fell out of favor somewhat when cane and beet sugar came on the scene.  In recent years it has made a big comeback, however.  This is partly because of growing interest in organic foods and partly because more and more people are discoveri...

Remove Beeswax From Carpet

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Did you know?  “To remove beeswax from carpet and upholstery, take off as much beeswax as possible by hand, then place a piece of kitchen or brown paper over the area.  Apply a warm iron, moving over the wax as it soaks into the paper.  Apply with care, as some fabrics may be too delicate for ...

Honey and Your Skin

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Did you know?“Although honey has the power to calm tender or inflamed skin and is generally non-irritating, and seems to agree with the most sensitive or troubled skin, other ingredients in ready-prepared mixes may not be as suitable for you.  It is a good idea to always do a sensitivity test...

Manuka Honey

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Did you know? “New Zealand’s manuka honey is another example of a floral honey that’s considered superior for medicinal use.  Manuka honey has been recommended for stomach and duodenal ulcers, and case reports from physicians in New Zealand report that it is effective.”  (Broadhurst p.37,...

Saudi Arabian Honey

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Did you know? “Animal and cell culture studies have provided some clues regarding the manner in which honey protects the stomach and small intestine.  In a 1997 study, floral honey from Saudi Arabia was shown to prevent increased (alcohol-induced) permeability of the blood vessels in the stomach...