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Bee Removal in Carlsbad

We Save the Bees with our Bee Removal Service in Carlsbad

Saving the world one beehive at a time, that’s what we do!  No beehive removal is too daunting, too big, too small, too high, or too difficult for a bee removal! We provide professional bee removal in Carlsbad.

As a company we have performed over 10,000 bee removals, all 100% by hand, no vacuums, no chemicals, and we have yet to come across a beehive we could not save. What that means to you is we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing.  We want to impart our experience by not just removing the hive but making sure we can take measures to minimize the chance you have a recurrence.

What we do is very simplistic in concept. We will rescue bees from your house or place of business and find a backyard beekeeper or farmer to adopt them! That’s it!

Here’s a more comprehensive reason to “Save the Bees

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If bees wandered into your yard and wondered, “who can handle bee removal near me?” we got you!

Not only do we humanely save bees in Carlsbad, but we cover all of San Diego, Orange County and Riverside. Here are some bees that were saved in your neighborhood. 

This is one that our owner Bee Man Dan, also dubbed Dan the Bee Man, took care of personally. They actually hired an exterminator first, but the bees didn’t go away and they quickly realized the project was more daunting than they originally thought.  After speaking with us, they realized that a live bee removal was the way to go!

Here is a live bee removal we performed in an irrigation box in over by the Bernardo Winery. The hive had been living here somewhere between 12-18 months.  The homeowner called us out to save the bees because they needed to redo some landscaping. They left them there since they weren’t bothering anyone but the contractors and landscapers they had coming in refused to work until the bees were gone.

We Comply with San Diego County Laws and Policies for Bee Removal.

If bees moved in with you, call us, we can help humanely relocate them for you! Call (858)240-5149

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