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Bee Removal in Encinitas

We Save the Bees with our Bee Removal Service in Encinitas

Bee Removal in Encinitas
Bee Removal in Encinitas

We provide a humane bee removal service in Encinitas just give give us a call (858)240-5149 . It is our goal to make Bee Removal and Bee Hive Removal affordable for residential and commercial customers, and to ensure that our customer service is outstanding. Our rates are based on the location and type of work required to complete the project correctly. Most importantly we do not Up-Charge for Bee Removal.

We offer a free same day bee removal quote to anyone who calls or emails us.

Here how it works.

  • Call Us at (858)240-5149 or Email Us at [email protected] .
  • Tell Us about the Bee Situation. We need to know where the bees are on the property and how long they have been there.
  • Your name, the city your in, and a good contact number.
  • We will send you a text or email. Please respond to that with a photo.
  • We will review the photo and contact you with a free estimate!

Fast and Dependable Bee Removal Service

We’ve completed bee removal in Encinitas a number of times and don’t stop halfway through the project. We follow through with our work.

Here’s what you need to know know about us.

  • We have done over 10,000 live bee removals.
  • As a team we have over 50 years of experience.
  • We always remove the beehive safely.
  • We remove bees from anything even a mountain! (call an ask).
  • Our company works with everyone businesses and residential clients.
  • We are full service, anything we pull apart we can put back together.
  • Our Company is a member of and referred by the San Diego County and Orange County Bee Keeping Society.
  • We Comply with San Diego County Policies for Bee Removal.

San Diego County Office Address for Encinitas:
5320 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121

In addition you can reach us for a free quote by using the contact form listed below.

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What does a bee removal look like?

Did you know that not all services in bee removal in Encinitas are the same? We take the guess work out of removal and relocation. Reach out today and we can teach you more about the processes we use and how we’ll get to those tough spots bees like to invade.


Saving the world one beehive at a time….

Our humane techniques have provided value to each of our customers that call for bee hive removal in San Marcos. As professional bee wranglers we don’t skip steps or come without the proper gear and equipment. Above all we rescue, rehabilitate, and relocate the bees. As a result we are one of the most popular bee removal services in Enicitas.

In short We offer a unique bee removal service in Encinitas that saves the bees.

Why Choose We Save Bees