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Pollination 101 – Why Bees are So Important

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bee pollinationFor the most part, every species works towards the well-being of the environment. Small or big, they contribute in their own way to the growth and development of the environment. When it comes to thinking of them, we normally think of larger species and their contribution. Insects and the smaller variety are more often than not ignored. Truth be told, bees are a very important part of the ecological balance and help in more ways than one, towards the well-being and growth of the environment.

Bees Help with Pollination of Flowers and Crops

Little is it known that bees help in food production. They pollinate almost 30 percent and help augment the work of the farmers. Bees are used by farmers to help pollinate and mature their crops. Often bee cultivators, known as apiarists, lend them out to help work on this. Bees are therefore a very important factor when it comes to food production. In addition to this, the flora and the fauna that we see around us, can be attributed to pollination by bees. This could not have happened if bees were not around us.

Honey Bees (and Other Bees) are Becoming Extinct

However, in spite of their contribution to the food production and maintaining the ecological balance, they are an endangered species. They are being exterminated and their existence wiped out far quicker than can comprehended. Almost 30 percent of the bees have been wiped out which is posing a threat to the ecological balance. At the same time, some of the fruits and vegetables that occur due to the movement and the existence of the natural habitats of the bees are also becoming extinct. Production of food and maturing of crops are cultivated with the help of artificial means, which in turn means that the chances of organic and natural food is far reduced.

With that said, and keeping in mind their contribution to the environment, pollination, it is important to make sure that the bee population is well looked after. In addition, steps ought to be taken to help in their multiplying effectively and contribute to the well-being of the environment and human kind.

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