Questions To Ask Your Potential Bee Removal Company

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It’s tough, I know, you look up bee removal and you have a lot of options.  So many companies are available to help you take care of your bees.  It has to be overwhelming.  Who do you trust?  Who do you hire?  What questions should you ask to make a good decision?  I know you don’t want to waste time or money so we have come up with a list of questions you need to ask and some information you need to know.

Can I do it myself?

  • No.  A bee hive is very dangerous if you have no idea what you are doing.  Wrapping up in a winter coat, gloves, and a motorcycle helmet will not protect you.  Plus killing bees is wrong and that would be the only thing you could attempt.  For the safety of yourself, your family, and neighbors  please call a pro.

Do you offer Live Bee Removal or Exterminations only?

  • This is one of the most important questions by far!  If a company only does exterminations they will probably decline to remove the honey along with the bees.  If the honey remains, more bees will return!  If they offer both, ask for the difference in pricing between the two.

Why are you so quick to poison and kill them?

  • For the companies that only offer exterminations, they are quick to kill bees for a couple reasons.  First, it is easy money for them to come out and spray.  Second, they will have you sign a waiver that releases them from all the damage they will cause.  Not to mention leave you stranded when the bees come back.  Don’t waste your money, you will spend alot more if you don’t do it right the first time.

Will they remove the honeycomb?

  • If they remove the honeycomb you have a good start.  It is very important to have the honeycomb removed as soon as the bees are worked (sprayed or removed alive).  When the honeycomb is left unattended, the bees are dead and not maintaining it anymore. This will cause the honey will drip and run into every place you don’t want.

What is the warranty?

  • If a removal and repair is done you should get a 1 year warranty.  It is the industry standard.  Other jobs are all per job.

Do you spray 1st?

  • Again, this is very important because if the honeycomb is left unattended, the bees are dead and not maintaining anymore, the honey will drip and run into every place you don’t want.
  • It is also important to watch the company you hire while they are there.  Unfortunately some companies claim to do live bee removal but spray them with chemicals first.  They kill the bees and then go up with vacuums to put on a ‘show.’

Is the hive removed all at once by the 1st person who touches it?

  • If more then one crew comes on different days, you should not have the company do the work.  The bees maintain the comb and you want them to do that until the minute the hive is removed.

Do they use a Bee Vacuum?

  • Bee Vacuums kill bees.  Most companies that offer exterminations and live bee removal use a bee vacuum.  Almost all those companies Up Charge for the Bee Vacuum service as well.  It is a hoax.  If you are looking for a live bee removal do not use a vacuum, save your money because they are being killed.  We do our removals by hand and have the highest success rate in the country.

Who do the bees go to?

  • Our bees go to a local bee keeper.

May I have the beekeepers information?

  • Yes! … if you would like to speak with the bee keepers we donate to, we will get you in touch.  We don’t post their information online per their request.

May I have the honey?

  • We offer the fresh raw honey to our customers as long as no one has sprayed anything on them ever.  If you get a ‘No’ from the company, then they probably spray before they work.  Bees are extremely clean and the honey at your home is almost always better then what you can buy at the store.

Why is the price SO high?

  • Our prices are always 20-25% less then our competitors.  We do not kill anything and do not charge for it.  They do, so they are always more expensive.  If they offer live removal they may be double our quote, and they use a vacuum…

Do they claim to have a license?

  • If they exterminate anything they need a license issued by the state.  We do not exterminate anything so we do not.  Beware the companies that spray without a license.  Live Removal Only do not need one because they are not applying pesticides.

Can you see the license they carry?

  • If they claim they have a license make them show it. If they are exterminating, make them show it.

Do they carry insurance?

  • We do!

What experience do they have?

  • We take pride in having years of experience in live bee removal and everything that goes along with doing it.  You will know if they are telling you the truth based on how they answer all of these questions.  If they sound like they are making things up please beware.  We have the experience to explain what we do, where the bees are, how a bee hive works, and everything else you might think of.

Can they explain how a bee hive works?

  • This is very important.  Knowing how a bee hive works will give you some incite about the person and the company.  If they don’t know how many days it takes to make honey, or what a hive does when a queen is injured, you should beware.  Knowing how a bee hive works means we know how to remove it alive correctly and prevent them from coming back.

Are they trained as bee keepers?

  • We are.  And most of us have our own hives we work with.

How long will everything take?

  • Our jobs take less then a day on average.  We start and finish the same day and always remove the bees alive.

Do you offer discounts?

  • We don’t offer many discounts because we are already the lowest in the industry.  Beware of the ‘discount’ with alot of companies because they charge really high and then give you a discount to make you feel better.  You end up paying what they wanted you to pay anyway.  We offer low flat rates for everyone because we want to help everyone save the bees.

Will the bees come back?

  • 1% of the jobs we do call us back for return bees in the same location.  This is the best in the country.  If it is done correctly they will not come back to that location.

Can you remove a hive from inside an attic?

  • No!  Probably the most dangerous thing you could do.  Do not let anyone go inside your attic with thousands of bees and no place to go.

Can you do live removals from the inside of a room?

  • Yes!  check out our photos and you will see that and many other places you may have questions about.

Why don’t you kill bees?

  • Its wrong, irresponsible, and killing hives does not work.

Do you enjoy what you do?

  • We love what we do!  Its amazing!


Saving bees is not only the best way to remove bees, it is less expensive, you will be helping our environment as well.

Bee Removal, Live Bee Removal, Bee Removal Orange County CA, Bee Removal Corona CA,, Bee Removal Mission Viejo CA, Bee Removal Irvine CA
Bee Removal, Live Bee Removal, Bee Removal Orange County CA, Bee Removal Corona CA,, Bee Removal Mission Viejo CA, Bee Removal Irvine CA

We save bees specializes in saving bees and educating people about bees.  We Save Bees can solve your bee problems.  100% live bee removal done by hand, no vacuums, no chemicals, and no gimmicks.  The bees are safely removed, donated to local bee keepers, and go to farms for pollination.  We have the highest success rate in the country, we have the lowest call back rate, and we charge less.  For a free estimate please give us a call or Contact US through our website.  We would love to help save your bees and do it for less.   Save the bees, Save the world, Do your part, We Can Help, WESAVEBEES.

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