Bees are the misunderstood creatures who are undeniably attracted to flowers in the wilderness and home gardens alike. Often being perceived as a nuisance because of their stings, bee’s are seldom aggressive unless you seem to pose a threat to their nest or activity. On occasion, bees build their nests on or near homes, which increases the possibility of deadly attacks if you get too close to their hive – this can be very unsettling if you have children or outdoor pets. People tend to turn to exterminators in such a situation because it is a quick solution which seems easier than having them removed and relocated by a professional. We Save Bees specializes in proper live bee removal and relocation without harming them.

Bees play an essential role in the world: pollinating plants.
Unfortunately, it has been found that bee populations seem to be decreasing because of expanding cities and new home construction. The areas where they are considered welcome by people are dwindling, and they are beginning to create their nests on or near buildings to survive. Why not follow a compassionate approach to solving your live bee problem by having them removed and relocated instead of using dangerous pesticides to kill them?

How Live Bee Removal Works

We Save Bees doesn’t use chemicals or vacuums to remove bees. We carefully remove the hive by hand, and thoroughly clean the area to ensure that no honey residue or hive structure is left behind. Then we relocate the bees by donating them to local bee keepers to give them a place to live where they can thrive.

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