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The Magnificence of the Honey Bee Colony

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Live Bee Swarm RemovalIf there is an organized clan of insects, honey bees are considered to be one of them. Researchers have believed that they are the most social and fascinating insects in the world. They are aware of their surrounding and totally in control of their capabilities as well.

The Honey Bee Colony

There are different kinds of honey bees. With that said, not all of them live in colonies or follow a profound communication system. Some of the species are known for their communication and the ability to divide their work, and concentrate in the production of honey, as also contribute to the ecological development. They live and survive in their colony. Their colony is their kingdom where they live as well as make one of the most essential product – honey.
Honey bees work and function in the most organized manner. It would not be wrong to say that they believe in the 3Q approach and perhaps add on the 6 sigma that is so needed to do a job seamlessly.

Kinds of Bees in the Colony

In their colony, there exists three kinds of adult bees, worker bees, drones, and the most important, the Queen bee. The worker bee helps to build the nest, arranging food and increasing the brood of bees. On the other hand, the queen bee is totally responsible for the reproduction within the bee colony as also she is responsible to allocating duties in order to see that honey is produced in the correct order. It certainly is a great job having to manage 15,000 – 20,000 bees that live together in a community. Often the number goes up to as high as 50,000 – 60,000.

Building honey bee colonies or keeping them, is not really an easy task, although it can be done on a commercial level. Some people also adopt a hobby and try to maintain a beehive at home, in and around their premises. While bees contribute to the success as they can travel miles to be in the right surrounding and place to thrive, they look for their own colony where they fit in to the optimum possible, making the colony a thriving one at that.

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