As the name implies, the honeybee (Apis) is a type of bee that produces and stores honey in their nests. These animals are actually a subset of the bee family, although many people tend to think of them as just “bees.”

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Hornets are one of the largest species of wasps; they have a bad reputation due to their aggressive temperament, but like all bees they only react this way when threatened.

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The classic bumblebee is one of the most commonly recognized insects in the world. Did you know that there over 250 species of this animal?

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Yellow Jackets


Yellow jackets are the buzzing creatures which are feared by humans for their tendency toward aggressive behavior when they are provoked.

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Carpenter Bees


Have you ever heard the phrase, “as busy as a bee?” There is a reason why people chose this insect over another animal, as it certainly describes their behavior and lifestyle.

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