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Difference Between a Bee Sting and a Wasp Sting

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Swollen hand due to wasp stingIf you spend substantial time outdoors, you are bound to be in the company of bees and wasps. While they contribute wonderfully to the ecological balance, they also can be a menace. A fun outing can well be spoilt by a bee sting or a wasp sting.

Is There a Difference Between a Bee Sting and a Wasp Sting?

A sting is often thought to be a bee sting. However, in reality it may be a wasp sting as well. So, is there a difference between their stings? The answer is yes as a wasp sting is more deep and painful. Unlike that of a bee, a wasp typically stings a multiple number of times in the same place, therefore making it all the more painful as well as the poison in filtering into the blood stream through the skin is much more. A wasp is considered to be more aggressive too.

There is a difference between a bee sting and a wasp sting. When a bee stings, they leave their stingers in the skin. Once that happens, it die. On the other hand, a wasp stings repeatedly and flies away once they are shooed. The common factor being they are both very painful and can lead to tremendous discomfort.

If one is stung by either of them, the reactions are as follows:

With that said here are the characteristics of a bee sting and a wasp sting.

  • Sharp stinging pain
  • Bump and swelling
  • Itching with a redness
  • The stung area starts to feel a little numb
  • There could be severe side effect if a bee or a wasp stings a child

Once stung, take immediate measure at home. You should attempt to remove the stinger and immediately clean the area with antibiotics. Wrap the stung area with ice for added relief. Depending on the venom, the reactions may or may not be severe. If you feel any side effects that seem or feel abnormal, it may help to head out to an emergency center for further treatment.

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