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Signs Of A Wasp Nest

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Wasps can be easily mistaken for bees or hornets. They all have similar black and yellow markings, but wasps have a longer body and a more defined head and abdomen than bees but are smaller in size than hornets. If you notice more sightings of wasps especially occurring in the spring or summertime t...

What Do Bees Eat?

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Honey bees produce honey which is a very important food product. It not only lures us with its sweetness, but also protects us with its medicinal qualities. While they make an important food produce, have we ever stopped to wonder what do they feed on?Feeding the Honey Bee Colony It is an a...

Natural Production of Honey

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Honey is known for its therapeutic qualities world over. Whether it is consumed or applied, or used as a by-product for the preparation of consumables, cosmetics or medicines, its healing properties knows no end. It is one of the natural products that is embraced the world over by the young and the ...

Signs of a Bee Nest

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[singlepic id=293 w=320 h=240 float=right]Bees are wonderful insects that help maintain the ecological balance and in their own way contribute to the growth of flora and fauna by pollination. They can also be a pest to and menace if disturbed. You may not know but there may be a swarm of bees residi...

Bee Products In The Home

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Did you know? “Beeswax and honey are popular ingredients in home-made soaps because of the emollient qualities of beeswax and its ability to form a barrier to protect the skin.  The addition of beeswax to home-made soap makes a hard, creamy soap with an aromatic scent that does not contain any h...