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Did you know?

“Beeswax and honey are popular ingredients in home-made soaps because of the emollient qualities of beeswax and its ability to form a barrier to protect the skin.  The addition of beeswax to home-made soap makes a hard, creamy soap with an aromatic scent that does not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients, and it is mild enough for even the most sensitive skin.”  (Fleetwood p.62, 2009)


Did you know?

“Candles made from beeswax are popular in the home because they burn brighter, hotter and longer than candles made from paraffin wax.  Also, they have the advantage of being smokeless, and they do not drip.  Beeswax candles create a relaxing atmosphere because they release a sweet aromatic scent that is derived from the honey and pollen that remain in the honeycomb cells.”  (Fleetwood p.62, 2009)

Did you know?

“Beeswax polishes have traditionally been used in the home to either revive distressed wood or leather, or to enhance the fine patina of wooden furniture, as well as impart a wonderfully silky, protective finish.  In addition, the polish is natural with no harsh chemicals to harm the environment, and has a pleasant aroma with a hint of honey.”  (Fleetwood p.62, 2009)

Did you know?

“Small wooden balls polished with honey or beeswax can be used in closets and drawers to defer moths and to add a honeyed scent to your clothes.

Honey and Beeswax will add subtle fragrance to your home, and help to enhance your health and wellbeing”  (Fleetwood p.62, 2009)

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