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save honey beesA majority of the honey bee colonies died this past winter. Needless to say it is a threatening situation where the pollination demands of the country will be in question very soon. The ecological balance is highly disturbed completely due to these sudden colony deaths.

Beekeepers lost 31 percent of their colonies in late 2012 and early 2013. This is much more than the accepted drop naturally. Over the years the attrition rates have increased and not much is being done to preserve their existence. In 2011, the figure went down to 22 percent which sparked a ray of hope. But the ensuing years it increased and the figure almost doubled to alarming rates.

What is Causing Honey Bee Colonies to Drop?

Various causes can be attributed to such disaster. Pesticides, fungicides, parasites, viruses, nutrition hazard, EMF signals, and trucking of pollinator hives are some of the potent problems. In addition to this, little or no knowledge on the ways to keep bees or help them multiply in the healthiest of ambiances is another factor to their slowly becoming extinct.

What civilization or the modern world does not realize – irrespective of the evolving of science – the food that one finds in the grocers, is but a doing of the pollination and the hard work of honey bees. Before one knows it, the reserves of healthy, natural food will diminish, with it bringing in series of health problems and starvation.

How Can You Save Honey Bees?

So with that said, if you are uncertain of maintaining the bee hive that you have around your home, it helps to call for help. Call on We Save Bees, an agency that will save honey bees. We save honey bees and protect them from being killed. They are removed with care and taken to bee cultivation sites. Rather than spraying pesticides that could endanger their lives, it helps to use natural removal that will protect you as well as them. Realize what they do for you naturally, and protect their existence, rather than exterminating them.

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